Sponsorship Guidelines


KSSS 2021 Committee welcomes all kinds of sponsorship from interested companies and organizations. KSSS 2021 offers sponsorship
packages at various levels and all sponsors will receive exceptional benefits and recognition in return. By sponsoring at KSSS 2021,
sponsoring organizations would have a series of opportunities to interact with 400 attendees from world’s leading organizations,
maximize one's presence in the global arena and promote one's services and products.

Sponsorship Guideline

Sponsored Symposium Terms and Conditions
The application for the sponsored symposium is conducted on a first come, first served basis.
Symposium promotions / Advertising installations are limited to designated locations within in the venue.
All sponsored beneficiaries can attend the symposium can attend the symposium.
Symposium attendees must be registered at the society.
Participants who do not have a badge can’t enter the venue.
Speaker expenses for lectures, accommodations, and registration fees are not included in the sponsorship symposium.
Speaker invitation costs must be paid separately by sponsor.

Sponsored Symposium Information
Sponsored symposium costs include all the equipment for the lecture.